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David Hayden is an ASP.NET MVC and Orchard CMS Developer with 18 years experience developing ASP.NET Websites and related technologies.

He is the founder of the Tampa ASP.NET MVC Developer Group which taught and promoted ASP.NET MVC Development in Tampa, Florida to 75 regular attendees and over 200+ members. David also founded the Sarasota Web Developer Group which taught and promoted ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC Development in Sarasota, Florida. He speaks regularly at Florida Code Camps and .NET Developer Groups throughout the state.

David is currently passionate about Orchard CMS. He's been developing Orchard Themes, Modules, and Websites for about two years full-time. He has contributed bug fixes and enhancement to several versions of Orchard and has published modules in the Orchard Gallery. He attended the first Harvest Orchard Developer Conference and has created over 100 Orchard Themes and 300+ Orchard Modules in the past two years.